Beta is an online tool for creating and sharing interactive 3D experiences.
Build games, architectural visualizations, or educational simulations right from the website.
Upload 3D models, sounds or textures. Publish your creations for other to see, or even invite them to work with you in real time.
We've created a rich set of documentation and examples to help you get started. You can always contact us for help.
Upload 3D models in any of long list of formats. can import models from your favorite authoring tools like 3DSMax©, Maya© or Blender© . These models will be converted and optimized for display on the web. Once you've uploaded your models, you can load them into the Editor to begin authoring your project.
Use the interactive script editor to prototype your creations. Simply hit "play" or "pause" to run your code, back up, edit and reset. You can quickly test different parameters or debug. We even provide autocomplete to make coding easier. includes a rich set of APIs to help you create amazing experiences. We have easy to use interfaces for physics, graphics, materials, and particle systems, as well as user management, input and interactivity. Check out the documentation.
Try one of our demos.
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