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Remember when you had to ship software on a disk? Whether for games, architecture, simulation or training, shipping a 3D product used to be a nightmare. Virtulous is here to help. Our web-based authoring environment and delivery service make it possible to deploy to any platform quickly and easily, without worrying about drivers, installers, or operating systems.

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The Editor is the heart of Virtulous. You use it to create 3D scenes. Scenes you create in this demo will not be saved.

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A short list of Virtulous features

  • Scripting
  • 3D Model Import
  • Physics Simulation
  • Terrain and Atmosphere
  • Multiplayer
  • Realtime Collaboration
  • Search and Reuse
  • Virtual Reality


Virtulous uses JavaScript to make development easy. We also provide a rich set of programming interfaces to help you with common tasks. Scripts are live - you can edit them and see the results immediately in the editor.

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3D Model Import

Our repository service lets you upload 3D models in a variety of formats. The system automatically converts and optimizes the files for delivery to the engine, even dealing with texture paths and generating thumbnails. You can even just use Virtulous as a place to find and share 3D models and textures.

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Physics Simulation

The versatile Bullet physics engine powers our rigid body dynamics. You can use object intersection for triggers, move object around with forces, or control them with joints. We even let you construct compound collision proxies.

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Terrain and Atmosphere

Virtulous can load height maps to generate terrain. You can specify a "mix map" which blends differnet texture on different parts of the surface for more realism.

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The engine is naturally multiplayer - everything you do is replicated to each visitor on the same world page. Scripts can control what users control what aspects of the game or simulation.

Realtime Collaboration

Because the editor is built on the engine, and because that engine is multiplayer, all of our authoring tools are naturally collaborative! You can work with partners to create and manage you scenes. We even added a real time chat feature so you can communicate.

Search and Reuse

Virtulous is not just an editor and an engine - it's also an content delivery service. Our servers store and process 3D models and textures. You can search by category, tags, author, or description. We even have a cool 3D preview of the models.

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Virtual Reality

Using cutting edge WebVR technology, Virtulous can render into a headmount like an Oculus Rift, Vive, or just a good old Google Cardboard.

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Virtulous can help. Whether you need professional consulting, advice, or you found a bug, call any time.

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Our blog has tips and updates. Check here to see what's new.

Updates To The Skybox System

We've recently changed the way skyboxes worked. As you might know, there used to be a fixed number of choices, in a list style dropdown under the Scene properties. It used to look something like this. This was a bit of a pain, because you couldn't use your own skyboxes. We've changed it so that you can!

Orthographic Views

At long last we have a proper top, left, and front orthographic editor view! This should make aligning objects much, much easier. There are a few bugs to work out - the scale tool in particular is hard to use in the top view.

New Autocomplete!

We've updated the autocomplete tools to include a lot more information, and hopefully generally work better. The old tool was a custom implementation from back before ACE included an autocomplete. We've finally ripped that out and replaced it with the ACE built in auto completer.