Based on the concept by raymoohawk: http://raymoohawk.deviantart.com/art/octaminator-528415081 Earlier I posted the high-poly version of this character; I recently worked at optimizing it, with baked textures from the high-poly. This version will actually fit in a real-time game engine. Model + rig. Auto-IK is enabled, you can just grab bones and move them to animate the tentacles and arms. Included: Model, rig, walk cycle animation, Diffuse and Normals textures. Both the .blend and the fbx .zip have all of these.


A Wyvern made for OpenDungeons in Blender format. Base model created by Andrew Buck, I modelled the high poly in Sculptris and textured it. The model is rigged, but has only 2 basic animations. 712 triangles.

Monk animated

Hello, I've added some animations for the Monk from CDmir for use in the OpenDungeons project. Copyright/Attribution Notice: Model/rigging from CDmir:Monk by CDmir Animations: Attack1 Dance Die Flee Idle Walk Sleep Sad TortureFire (animation when the creature is burnt by magic fire)

Magic Mace

A 3D game-ready magic mace. Part of a set of magic weapons created by: Justin Nichol freeforall.cc Concept design, Diffuse painting, Icon painting Clint Bellanger clintbellanger.net 3D Modeling Specs: 1684 tris, 2048px diffuse, specular, normal. Icon is 512px.