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SAP-1 (Sapper Bot Mark 1) Concept by: Buch 3D By: Quandtum License: CC BY-SA. Blender Version: r52859 Model Version: 2.0 Original @ Complete model is not manifold, but rather a composition of 6 manifold "parts". Each part is manifold and all parts were combined into a single mesh named "Robot". Maps included are all large 2048 x 2048. Reason is they can be reduced but not grown, resize them to fit as needed. The model is rigged. The animation rig contains a control "PositionLock". When in the default "down" position, the lock is considered enabled and the robot joints will be constrained to "operational normal". In other words, the bones will not be allowed to move outside of a position that would allow the robot to perform it's normal operations. When the "PositionLock" is in the "up" position, the lock is considered disabled and the robot parts can be freely moved. This allows the robot to be animated in say a destruct or destroyed sequence. Texture samples sourced from: Textures were otherwise hand painted.

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Quandtum, Buch

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